Eliminating Cancer

The mission of Cancer Recovery Foundation is to advance least-toxic, minimally-invasive cancer prevention and survival practices that will eliminate cancer as a life-threatening condition. We accomplish this through research, advocacy, education, and support.

After years of carefully analyzing why cancer patients get well, this is our conclusion: Survivors change. They create a state of body, mind and spirit where they are well and they live from that state. Survivors heal the whole person. Six areas of life medical, nutritional, exercise, attitude, support and spiritual are key components to survivorship and wellness. These areas comprise the Cancer Recovery Wellness Pyramid and the core of what we believe at CRFA.


Cancer Recovery Pyramid


Every help make it possible to continue the fight against cancer. We focus on three main program services. Find out how you can help.

Pink Diamond Fund

Ensuring each women has life’s basic necessities while recovering from cancer

New Era Cancer Fund

Join thousands of cancer patients, family members and healthcare providers who have set as our goal the elimination of cancer as a life-threatening illness

Get the Lead Out

Teaching the world how to live a healthier and safer toxic free life

Cancer Missions

Providing cancer pharmaceuticals, supporting medicines, medical supplies and medical equipment to our partner healthcare providers in developing countries

Help Us Eliminate Cancer As A Life-Threatening Condition

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