Outreach China


God is again at work! This time it all started in the crowded waiting room of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. A patient prayerfully asked, “Lord, what could I do to help all these other people going through this frightening disease?”

He shared his prayer with me. I then gave him several copies of my book, Cancer and the Lord’s Prayer. We agreed he would give them away to patients as God directed him.

To our surprise, he was soon led to a group of Chinese patients, many of whom flew half-way around the world to receive treatment in Houston. The group grew and before long extended into the Greater Houston Chinese Community. Soon there were demands for translation of the book into Chinese so that more and more people could become immersed in the study of history’s greatest prayer.

Today, that vision is becoming a reality. A project called Outreach China has been established. Its Phase 1 goal is to translate Cancer and the Lord’s Prayer into Chinese and publish the first 500 copies. In turn, those books will be distributed free, and/or at a nominal charge, to Chinese patients and their families. Once distributed, the Outreach China team will prayerfully evaluate the impact and determine what more God may be calling us to do—perhaps a Phase 2 that expands the work.

I ask for your prayers for the Outreach China project. Please pray that God’s will may be done through this effort. And should you wish to join beyond prayer, I welcome your financial support. Your entire contribution is tax-deductible.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

My best,
Greg Anderson